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The construction of the shipyard

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AGP Course au large has designed and built its mobile shipyard from A to Z, here is a brief description of the main phases of the construction of The Dock Brest.


The construction of the site began in September 2019 after 6 months of studies, with the construction of the metal frame of the site. The cutting and assembly were carried out by us in our ironwork workshop specially fitted out for the occasion. 3 weeks were needed for cutting, drilling, welding of the elements and checking the finished dimensions.

We then assembled the roof blank for verification of the dimensions before galvanizing.

In November, we assembled our 6m high, 7.50m wide and 12 to 24m long telescopic spray booth on site at Lanvéoc. This cabin made it possible to prepare the 7 maritime containers which constitute the framework of the shipyard.

For each of the containers, the treatment was carried out in 3 stages:

  • metalwork: cutting of openings, replacement of damaged parts of containers, welding of reinforcements of openings, welding of fixings and interior fittings

Construction Chantier The Dock 141

  • surface preparation: complete exterior and interior sandblasting SA2 and application of a 200 µm layer of epoxy / zinc

Construction Chantier The Dock 45

  • painting: application of an epoxy coating of 250µm and an industrial finishing lacquer

Then, for the containers to be insulated, we installed an interior wood frame on metal fasteners welded during the preparation in the metalworking, installed networks and interior insulation then applied the finishing coatings.

This phase ended in September 2020.

Sortie des conteneurs peints

The containers ready to be put in place, we started the earthworks of the area with the casting of the site foundations and the installation of the office sanitation. Then carried out the earthworks and the reinforcement of the slab of the site of 280m². The casting of the slab was carried out in 1 time with adjustment and finishing by helicopter after the integration of the drainage pipes and the recovery of industrial water from the site and the underground networks.

In November we assembled and tightened the metal frame to the ground in front of the building and pre-positioned the containers for the elevation phase.

In mid December, the site lifting operation was carried out with a 70T crane in less than 2 hours.

Levage de la charpente du chantier The Dock - BR -

In January 2021, we buried the telephone and electrical networks and the water pipes serving the site and the office, then began installing the metal roof.

From March to May, the cabling of the 7 containers was carried out, the sail loft floor was fitted out. We then fabricated the metal framework of the gables of the building and carried out a blank assembly in order to check the dimensions before galvanizing the elements.

Chantier The Dock 15

In July, we installed the rear cladding of the building and undertook the finishing of the sandblasting room, the technical room and worked on the engineering of the integration of the oven of the composite container.

The full storage area was cleared of construction rubble to prepare for the arrival of the boats in September 2021 and the paint booth was modified for its following function: to welcome the boats to the yard.